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Inclement Weather Procedure

If we experience inclement weather on a school day, learning will not stop for Stanwood Middle School. The teachers will continue to hold Google Meets if power and connectivity permits.  Please stay on for 3-5 minutes if your teacher loses connectivity during a Google Meet. After that time period, students are free to go work on assignments provided through Google Classroom. If students lose connectivity during a meet, please contact the teacher by email and/or clear your attendance through our office when possible. 

Every Thursday morning at 7:10 a.m., teachers drop work in their Google Classrooms for the students to work on throughout the week. On an inclement weather day, the expectation is that students will continue to work on assignments that were already delivered. We will still be able to count the day as a school day as long as students have assignments available.

Please contact our office if you have any questions. Thank you!
May 8th, 2021 

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Spartan Daily Post


Good morning Stanwood Middle School

Today is Thursday, September 4, 2020, THE BEST DAY OF THE SCHOOL YEAR! I’m Ms. Christmas Harris and here are your morning announcements. 

Did you know that today is National College Colors Day? You all know I’m sporting the best color scheme in the world--GO COUGS!


•Make sure to check your email this morning and join all of your Google Classrooms. 

•Today you are going to periods 2, 4, and 6. 

•If you don’t know your schedule, be sure to check Family Access. 

•Second period starts at 11:15--be sure to show up ready to meet your teacher!

Fourth period starts at 12:15, Sixth period starts at 1:15. 

Awesome job to everyone who showed up yesterday and did their best to navigate Google Classroom and Google Meets--you all are doing AMAZING! Keep up the good work and remember, each day we will make more progress. 

Kindness Challenge Day 3--Today is sort of fun. Challenge three people to send you a picture that will make you go AWWWWWWW...

Happy Birthday--to Logan H. Over our THREE-DAY Weekend, happy birthday to Luke B., Rylee H., and Avery Z. 

Don’t forget, there is no school on Monday--enjoy the waning days of summer and have a fabulous three day weekend. 

As always, communicate, communicate, communicate! We are so excited that so many of you reached out to your teachers or Mr. Klundt and I yesterday to let us know what you needed to be successful. Keep it coming!

And finally, Spartans, here is a thought to end the announcements and start the day. Alan Packer once said “We can do hard’s the impossible that takes a little longer.” Think about that for just a minute. It is a great reminder that when we set our mind to something, we can get it done--we just need to keep working at it. You all did great yesterday--keep it up, and what seemed impossible last week will be as easy as a snap of your fingers next week. 

With something to think about,


Holly Christmas
Assistant Principal
Athletic Director
Stanwood Middle School

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