Your Stanwood Middle School Counselor is Ms. Fox.  My goal is to help you get the most out of school and life!  I am trained to help you find solutions to your problems and meet the challenges of growing up.  This might include:

1.     Personal Problems:  siblings, divorce, drinking/drugs in your family or a friend’s family, anger, depression

2.     Social Issues:  peer pressure, relationships, getting along

3.     Academics:  problems with understanding work, with teachers, or schedules

4.     Plans for your future:  personal choice, career

As a counselor, I do not tell you what to do.  Rather, I listen and brainstorm with you to help you sort out problems, explore options, and reach decisions.  I can help you through tough times and also help you work on becoming more confident, navigate problems with your friends, deal with stress, strengthen study skills, and navigate your middle school years altogether.  What we talk about is confidential and I value your privacy.  If a problem of harm or abuse needs to be talked about, I will help you with confidentiality of that, too.  All of this will help you get the most out of school. 


There are many ways to see me. The best way is to fill out a form that is in the office and give it to one of the secretaries, you can ask any of the secretaries for help with this.  If this is difficult, you may ask your teacher to call for an appointment, ask your parent to call for an appointment, or drop by the office to see if Ms. Fox is available.  All our teachers and staff are very helpful in getting you to us.  If you are nervous coming to see us, you can bring a friend!

I work regularly with families as well. Please email me at to set up an appointment or to request additional support for your child.