Hello!  I am so happy to be your School Counselor at Stanwood Middle School.  My name is Ms. Fox.  I want to be sure you know how to contact me, the kinds of ways I can support your success, as well as share some resources that you can access here anytime day or night.  


My goal is to help you get the most out of school and life!  I am trained to help you find creative solutions and navigate the life of being a middle school student.  This can include:

1. Personal: anxiety, depression, anger, siblings, divorce, substance use, safety, stress management

2. Social: peer pressure, relationships, conflict

3. Academics: study skills, time management, schedules 

4. Your Future: personal interests, career exploration

5. COVID: resources, stress management, community referrals 

As a counselor, I do not tell you what to do. Rather, I listen and brainstorm with you to help you sort through problems, explore options, and reach decisions.  What we talk about is confidential and I value your privacy.  If a problem of harm or abuse needs to be talked about, I will help you with the best steps to get help or navigate a challenging situation.  All of this will help you get the most out of school. 

I also manage 504 Plans, teach lessons in class meetings and in certain classes, and I work with families to support students.  My role is designed to be relatively short-term, which means that I also refer students to mental health and other community resources at times, as well as to our Student Support Advocate.

My approach with students is positive, kind, and realistic, with an orientation towards growth, problem solving, and creative thinking. I am a big fan of self-care, healthy coping strategies, and easy-to-use tools to help make students’ academic and social-emotional lives more positive and successful.  


The easiest and quickest way to contact me is by email at I do my best to reply to emails within 24-48 hours during the week. You can also call me through the main SMS Office at 360-629-1350.

There are many ways to see me:

-When we are in distance learning, I schedule meetings with students and families using Google Meet, or by telephone.  Both are great options!  If you would like to schedule a meeting, please email me ( your preferred days and times to meet during the school days, and I will reply to schedule our meeting.  

-When we are at school in person, the best way is to fill out a form in the office and give it to one of the secretaries. You can ask any of the secretaries for help with this.  If this is difficult, you may ask your teacher to call for an appointment, ask your parent to call for an appointment, or drop by the office to see if Ms. Fox is available.  All our teachers and staff are very helpful in getting you to us.  If you are nervous coming to see us, you can bring a friend!


We are in an unusual and challenging time, and there are also opportunities for unique growth.  We will get through this together as kind humans and with strong SMS Spartan Spirit!  Please reach out if you are having a hard time with any aspect of life — I will either help you directly or point you in the right direction.  Reaching out and asking for help is a very healthy, normal, and necessary part of growing up and being human!  We are here for you.  


-Crisis Line: 1-866-427-4747 or text SHARE to 741741. Use for mental health or related emergencies if you or someone you know is in crisis. Available 24 hours a day.

-911: You can always call 911 if you or someone you know is in danger.

-Teen Link: Call 1-866-833-6546. Available for teenagers to talk to someone from 6pm-10pm.

-SMS Student Support Advocate: help with mental health referrals, and food, transportation, and housing support. Please email me to get in touch with our SSA.

-Children’s Hospital Mental Health Referral Service: Free resource to find a local mental health provider for your child. Call 1-833-303-5437 

-Island County COVID-related Support: If you or someone you know, who lives in Island County, is experiencing difficulties related to COVID-19 (such as finances, anxiety, depression, housing, substance use, parenting, and more), call the Help Line at 1-360-678-2346. 

-Operation School Bell provides clothing to students who demonstrate financial need and attend schools in Snohomish County. Please email Amy Hart at or call the SMS Office at 360-629-1350 for more information.