Welcome to the
Stanwood Middle School
Athletic Program! 

Second Season Sports Registration

Boys Basketball and Girls Volleyball registration is now open using this link: Basketball & Volleyball Registration Form (Second Season).

At this time, it is uncertain what the JV program will look like because we are the only district in our league offering JV (other districts will be cutting athletes). Students who do not make the varsity roster will have the opportunity to play at the JV level. We are still determining what this opportunity will look like for our athletes within our district.

We currently have limited transportation in our district for after school athletics/activities. For out of district transportation at the varsity level, it is possible for parents/guardians to transport their athlete to away venues. If parents/guardians are able to transport their athlete, there is a waiver that needs to be completed. It is not required to transport your athlete, but if possible, would greatly help with getting all eligible athletes to away events. 

Finally, students playing basketball will need to be tested for COVID prior to each game if they are unvaccinated. Please see the guidance below for more information.

Twice Weekly COVID Testing for Basketball and Wrestling

Per the K-12 Department of Health Requirements, screening testing is required for all unvaccinated athletes in high contact indoor sports (basketball and wrestling). This is not a new requirement, this requirement has been in place since August. 

Fully vaccinated athletes do not have to participate in screening testing. Screening testing must be performed twice weekly using a molecular or antigen test. A rapid antigen test is performed on all unvaccinated athletes within 24 hours of the competition. In a multi-day event, testing will occur before each competition. The second test during the week will be performed 3-4 days prior to or after the competition and may be a molecular or antigen test. If a molecular test is performed, the athlete does not need to isolate while awaiting screening test results, unless they are exhibiting symptoms.
Athletes need to be cleared by 12:00 noon, November 8 to participate in tryouts. Please see the checklist below for all needed items. Thank you!


Current SPORTS Physical (all athletes must have a hard copy of their current sports physical on file at the office dated within the last two years).

Athletic Registration Form - please fill out the above online google form

Emergency Authorization Form (send a hard copy to the office to be on file as well as the google form)

Athletic/Activities 365 Day Code Form

Read the MRSA, Concussion, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form and Sports Specific Risk Management Form

An ASB Card ($20) must be purchased before the student can participate in their first game.

Pay to Participate Form and fee of $50 ($100 max per school year, per student, per sport) which must be paid before participating in their first game
Student athletes are required to pass a grade check which will occur at various times throughout their season(s).

If you need insurance, please click the link below for more information. 

For athletes purchasing insurance through the school program, student insurance applications go directly to the company. Please allow three weeks for your insurance verification card. Coverage does not start until the forms have been processed through the company. You cannot turn out without insurance. 
Directions for away games are available in the attachments below.